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View our schedule and reserve your space for class by pressing the Green "Schedule now" button.


You do NOT pay until you are in the studio as we only take cash or check! (or venmo or chase). Disregard if some say $10 or some say nothing! 

We have a 90 minute cancellation policy. Please be respectful to other students! 

Thank you!

It is FREE to reserve your space.You do NOT pay until you are in the studio as we only take cash or check!

(or venmo or chase) Disregard if some classes say $10 and some say nothing. Please refer to our "prices" tab



What’s your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is 90 minutes before class. This helps our instructors provide an adequate class for our clients and for our clients to have an appropriate sized class. It also allows clients from the waitlist to get into sold out classes. We understand things happen, but if you do not follow the cancellation policy, after the 3rd time you will be charged $10 for the class. Classes under 5 participants could be canceled. You will be texted 90 minutes prior to class if class is canceled. If you are unsure about attending a class, please wait until you are sure.

Do you have an app to sign up?
Yes we do! It’s called “Schedulicity” in the app store. You must first create your username/password on the internet prior and then use those credentials with the app. You must click the activation email.



I’m on the waitlist. Should I show up?
We’re sorry to hear you are on the wait list. That is no fun! Unfortunately, we can only accommodate those who are on the class list. We have a one-in, one-out wait list policy. The moment someone in class cancels their reservation, we send and email and call clients on the wait list starting with the first person on the list. Please respond or give us a call back to guarantee your spot in the class. If you remain on the wait list, you can come to our studio and we will do our best to accommodate you, pending availability. 



Do you take credit cards?
To keep our prices so low we only accept cash or check. Checks can be made out to “Zumba Rockland”.

Are men allowed?



*How can I save someones spot in class?*

You may only save someones spot by putting an actual object (such as a waterbottle or purse) on the spot sticker.

Do you have showers?
No, unfortunately we do not.


Do you have babysitting?

Unfortunately due to insurance purposes we do not offer babysitting. Age appropriate children are more than welcome to watch the class from our couch. During high volume classes children can not be on the dance floor for safety reasons.



What should I wear and bring?
We recommend form-fitting athletic wear and supportive running sneakers. For ladies, we also recommend a good sports bra. We have a large bathroom that you can use to change in and water for sale in the lobby. There are also towels for purchase if you need. Please no tights/stockings.


Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, we do. You can purchase a gift certificate for a package of 5 or 10 classes or an unlimited month of classes. You can come in to purchase your card by coming 15 minutes prior to any class start or by calling Nicole at (845) 729-9413 to set up an appointment to purchase.


Can I enter late or leave early?
Though we encourage everyone to take the entire class so they can safely warm up and cool down, we allow people to enter class within the first 10 minutes and leave during the cool down. Please keep in mind that your body needs time to warm up to safely do our exercises and stretching is an important part of injury prevention. 


I am recovering from a serious injury, what do you suggest?
Your doctor must clear you for physical exercise! After that we welcome you to take a class, but please be aware that our class does involve jumping and high impact moves. Many clients choose to do our class at their own pace and our instructors can suggest alternatives to certain exercises. Go at your pace, only you know your limits.


Do you offer beginner or advanced classes?
We do not currently offer beginner or advanced classes. Our class format allows newbies to go at their own pace so your first class is effective, but fun! As you continue to attend class, you may find you get even more out of the workout, rather than plateauing. We have many clients who attend 3 classes per week and each class they go deeper and harder than before so their strength, endurance and flexibility are constantly improving.


Can I bring someone under 18 years old?
Our classes are designed for participants 14 and older. Our kids class are for participants 5 ½ to 11. We currently don’t have a demand for ages 12-15 however if you drop me a line and I could get together around 10 participants we could form a class! 

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